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Trello is great for managing tasks, but Upbase can do so much more.

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Feature comparison

See how Trello compares to Upbase

Core features
Team chat
One-on-one chat
Shared Docs
File management
View all boards in one page
Kanban board view
Task list view

Why are people switching from Trello to Upbase?

See what makes Upbase different

Upbase is an all-in-one solution

Tasks, schedule, docs, files, messages, chats. We covered them all!

Get all your work organized in one place and say goodbye to navigating between numerous tools.

Upbase is super easy-to-use

An all-in-one solution doesn’t have to be complicated. Despite its powerful features, Upbase is very intuitive and easy to use.

Upbase is built for collaboration

You can collaborate with your team on almost anything: tasks, docs, files, messages, etc. Add comments, share ideas, and get feedback right inside Upbase.

Run your entire business on Upbase

Centralize your work and collaborate easily with your team

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