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Stay on top of everything your team is working on

Organize, prioritize, and do all your work in one place

Sync tasks across lists

View the same task in multiple lists, without the need to duplicate it.

Recurring due dates

For tasks that repeat themselves on a regular basis.

Multiple assignees

When you need more than one person to work on your task.


A weekly planner you’ll love

Schedule your tasks throughout the week


Write, organize and share beautiful docs

Create beautiful docs, notes, wikis, knowledge bases inside every list.


Upload and collaborate on files

Bring all your files at one central place


Keep conversations organized and on-topic

Stay on top of all conversations without losing track of each one


Get instant answers with real-time chat

Quickly get in touch with your teammates without using a separate chat app

Stay connected and productive, wherever you are

Our mobile app gives you the full power of Upbase on-the-go. Stay on top of your tasks, docs, files, and discussions. Collaborate from anywhere.

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