This is why we built Upbase

Many people ask us why we bothered to build Upbase. Why design another project management software when hundreds of options are already out there?

The idea began about two years ago, when our team of six people was working on a small content marketing project. 

We used Trello to organize and manage tasks, Google Docs to write blog posts, Google Drive to store images and videos, and Slack and emails for team communication.

We tried to set up a system to make our team collaboration as efficient as possible. However, as the project went on, things began to slip through the cracks simply because vital information was spread out all over the place. 

Some people left comments directly on Google Docs, some gave feedback on Trello, some shared ideas on Slack, etc. 

We used to find ourselves digging through Trello cards, Slack messages, Google Docs comments, and long email threads just to find a piece of information we needed. 

The disorganization caused a lot of stress and hurt the team's productivity.

Even though each of these tools is great for its specific job, they don't talk to each other well. Constantly switching back and forth between them is very inefficient and it was tough to keep track of everything.

We've tried a lot of existing all-in-one project management software as well. Unfortunately, we couldn't find one with which we were fully satisfied. 

Most of them were just too complicated for our needs! They were packed with too many features we'd never use, making them cumbersome, cluttered, and overwhelming!

That's why we decided to build Upbase — an all-in-one work management software that is simple to learn and easy to use.

We strike the balance between features and simplicity.

Upbase is powerful enough to help you run your entire business, yet simple enough to get your team on board in minutes.

We're strong believers that "less is more." We try to get the details right rather than adding excessive features. In other words, we try to do less, but we do it better.

You can expect that Upbase will remain simple and easy to use, even five or ten years from now.

If you’re tired of switching back and forth between multiple tools, or feel overwhelmed by complicated software, we invite you to give Upbase a try. It might be the solution you’re looking for.

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